Wisdom from Gurudev

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The Importance of Awareness

How can we increase awareness? There are simple things you need to observe and practice – take some time out to do very simple things in life, sometimes seemingly insignificant things,

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Formula for Happiness

You cannot imagine how much you are loved by God. No more doubts about that, and no more self-doubt. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘When doubt enters into the heart of an individual, he is totally lost, and he becomes miserable.”

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How to overcome doubts?

In Sanskrit, doubts are called sandēha. Dēha means body. Sandēha means doubt. They’re very close. It is a state of mind. Doubt is a state of mind. Do you know when there is this state of mind? It is when we are body-conscious or body-bound, and are not aware of the life within us.